8 free mobile games that will make you completely zen

Due to the current corona crisis, these are far from relaxing times now. That is why, more than ever, we need some time for ourselves to relax. And there are a number of games that you can play on your smartphone to escape the crowds. These are 8 free mobile games that will help you change your mind.

1. Viridi

Do you also have a hard time keeping plants alive? There is a nice virtual alternative. Viridi makes it possible to take care of your own virtual plants with a mobile game. Your job is to take care of the plants in a pot that you can decorate yourself. The game has been described as “a safe haven, a place where you can return for a moment of peace and quiet when you need it.”

Viridi is available for free for iOS and Android.

2. Harmony

Harmony makes puzzling completely zen. In this game you have to ensure that certain symmetries arise. With every move you make, music comes out as if you were playing a piano. Harmony you don’t play on time and it’s not a difficult logic. Everything is visual with calm music.

Harmony is available for free for iOS and Android.

3. Alto’s Odyssey

Control Alto, an endless sandboarder, and earn points as he races through the desert and mountains. You can also put this game on Zen mode, then there are no points to be earned and you can just fly quietly through the disgusting landscape.

Alto’s Odyssey is available for free for Android, paying for iOS.

4. Penguin Isle

Help build an island full of penguins. In this game it is your job to help make the penguins a real city of the island. Watch the cute penguins grow the island into a real city with soothing music.

Penguin Isle is available for free for iOS and Android.

5. Kami 2

Puzzling in the form of origami is surprisingly soothing. Kami 2 is an online game that gives you a lot of satisfaction. Each puzzle is based on origami and unfold it in as few moves as possible. You can also make creations yourself and share them with your friends. Unfortunately the first 12 puzzles are only free, if you want to continue you have to pay.

Kami 2 is (partly) available for free for iOS and Android.

6. Blendoku 2

Another puzzle about colors. This time you have to put the cubes in different colors in the right place in different shapes. Even paintings are featured! You have as much time as you want and you can make endless mistakes.

Blendoku 2 is available for free for iOS and Android.

7. Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is a relaxing game in which you have to connect different lines to one figure. It is an ideal game to change your mind. There is no pressure to complete the levels, you just do it at your own pace.

Infinity Loop is available for free for iOS and Android.

8. Grass Cut

Do you also get calm from freshly cut grass? Then this game is perfect for you! There is only one goal: to finish all the grass! By means of two rotating knives that are connected with a rope, you must ensure that the grass is cut on each island.

Grass Cut is available for free for iOS and Android.


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