8 strategies how you can advance your career despite Corona

Split your long-term goal into manageable tasks.

Split your long-term goal into manageable tasks.

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In times of social distance, many people have a little more time than usual.

This is often because they can no longer drive to the office or meet friends in restaurants. The cause could also be more worrying. They may be among the millions of people who have lost their jobs or been on short-time work in the past few weeks.

For many it is a disaster to lose part or even all of their wages – it threatens their economic existence. But what to do when the job market is paralyzed? In the long term, it can help your career if you use some of the many free hours for your development every week, experts say.

This does not only apply if you are currently looking for a job. Even if your situation is “safe and comfortable and you suddenly have time, this is a golden opportunity,” said Amanda Augustine, a career expert at TopResume.

We asked her and other career experts how best to use the extra time. You said it was crucial to prepare for the next step in your career. You can get in touch with old colleagues, refresh your portfolio and train your professional skills. You need this to get ahead.

Career experts reveal 8 strategies to advance your career despite Corona


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