8 tips for applying and starting a job from your home office

1. Networks, networks, networks.

Finding a job while companies are considering withdrawing vacancies or stopping jobs is certainly not ideal. But it is important to keep looking for new contacts – even if companies are not actively looking for new employees. Most people like to talk about their work and it is even better if they show genuine interest in it. It also gives you the opportunity to find out which qualifications for your dream job may still be missing. You can then contact your contact person again before you start working on your resume.

Although many companies informed me that they were currently not hiring, I continued to contact friends and attend information events. I wrote to LinkedIn and networked with them via chat. I just behaved as if everything was completely normal – that was important to keep my morale up.

As someone who did a lot of networking before the pandemic, I have to say that these conversations were very different. Because I knew that the companies were not hiring anyone, I was able to freely ask questions about my work there – without anyone having to suspect that I had a desire to get a job there. It was liberating to ask questions out of sheer curiosity. And when you ask clever questions, most people will remember how important it is to you to get to know them properly.



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