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8 tips for furnishing your living room

Decorating your living room is not that easy. How do you make it look bigger? How big should a rug be? Round or square table? With these 8 tips you can turn your living room into the nicest place in the house.

1. Make your living room look bigger

The most important thing for an optically larger room are the colors you use. An all-black room feels much less spacious than a room in light colors. Go for (broken) white, light pink and other natural shades. Stay away from dark colors like black, brown or dark green.

2. This is how you choose the right colors for your living room

The color of your interior greatly determines the atmosphere. Think carefully about which atmosphere you want to create and base your choice of color on that. For example, generally keep the colors in the living room calm, but choose an accent color that will be reflected on a small wall and in accessories. This way you keep the living room in balance and still add some color! It is also great fun to combine or mix different color combinations with each other. This way you make your living room completely your own!

3. The corner sofa versus a straight sofa

Whether it is best to go for a corner sofa or a straight sofa depends on the size of your living room. Do you have a spacious living room? Then a corner sofa fits well in the space, because you fill the space a bit.

In a somewhat smaller living room, a corner sofa can quickly fill the space and a 2.5-seater sofa fits better in the whole. Do you still want to lose your legs and do you have too little space with a 2.5-seater? Then a large pouf can be a godsend. You can put your legs on it in the evening and your visitors can also enjoy a cup of coffee on it. You can easily move these around the room and fill less than a second sofa.

4. In this way you ensure a whole

Perhaps the most important tip: ensure consistency in the use of color. If you find color exciting, go for a dark floor in combination with light walls or vice versa.

Tip: it is smart to think carefully about the basics. Which way do you want to go, what do you like and does that match well? For example, make a mood board with colors, floor samples and fabrics that you like and put them together. If it fits and you like it, stick to it. As soon as you deviate from your chosen colors, you quickly lose the unity in the space. If you swear certain colors together, you will see this immediately and you can make other choices!

5. The ideal rug

The size of the rug largely depends on the location. Do you only want your rug under the coffee table? Then a rug of 80×150 cm is often sufficient. Do you have a super-sized living room or a wonderfully spacious sofa? Then you can certainly go for a nice big rug! Then place it partly under the sofa and then into the space, you involve both elements together and that ensures cohesion.

6. Round versus rectangular dining table

Which dining table fits best in your living room depends on the size of the room and the number of family members. A rectangular dining table often takes up a little more space, but is super handy if you want to have a drink or dinner with many friends and family. A round dining table is perfect for smaller spaces. A round table provides softness in the room. If you have a small, square or rectangular space, a round table will look softer and less crowded.

7. This is how you choose the right window decoration

Different rooms need different window decoration. In the bedroom you often opt for window decoration that has a darkening effect, but in the living area you do not need that darkening effect. You probably just want to stop viewing.

If you have a draft at home, you can opt for lined curtains. This way you can connect curtains to your home. Also consider a combination of roman blinds and curtains. Or tight blinds to block the sunlight and warm, supple curtains for the atmosphere in your home. With some attention and a good plan you can make everything fit in well with the space.

8. You create more storage space in this way

The best tip for more storage space: use your furniture! Consider, for example, a coffee table or ottoman with a hidden storage space. You don’t see any of it and so you have more space again. Vertical storage also always works well, enjoy the height with all that stuff!


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