9.4 million Dutch people have already filed a tax return | Money

A spokesperson for the tax authorities says this on Thursday when inquiring. Last year, more than 9.3 million reports were filed. Of these, no fewer than 347,000 taxpayers waited until the very last day that it was allowed.

Those who do not feel like filing a declaration on Thursday or Friday can also request an extension. That must be done before May 8. Taxpayers who need help with the return and have an authorization code are automatically granted a deferment. The declaration must then be submitted before 1 September.

The Tax and Customs Administration is filling in more and more data in advance. As a taxpayer, however, you remain responsible for these figures, so check them carefully. The tax authorities will also not automatically determine the most favorable distribution of, for example, assets and debts between your tax partner and you.

Declaration check

The Association for Tax Payers has developed a declaration check ( that does this. This is free, but those who can save tax can donate part of it to the union voluntarily.

It can be very beneficial to divide items between your tax partner and yourself in such a way that a person has to pay € 45 in tax. Tax is waived up to this amount.


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