9-euro ticket: The successor could be so expensive

There is a specific proposal for the successor to the 9-euro ticket from September 1st, 2022! A ticket for nationwide use of local transport, including the train.

The Association of German Transport Companies VDV


Germany-wide climate ticket for 69 euros per month

as a connection solution for the immensely

popular 9 euro ticket

before. The association says that this 69-euro ticket could be implemented as a direct successor to the 9-euro ticket as early as September 1, 2022.

If you got a taste for it thanks to the 9-euro ticket and want to continue traveling by bus, subway, S-Bahn, tram or local trains after August 31, 2022, you need a direct connection to the 9-euro ticket . This is exactly what the 69-euro ticket is supposed to offer, as the VDV explains. This public transport ticket, which is valid nationwide, is intended to entitle you to travel in second class on trains. In addition, the Association of German Transport Companies assumes that a 69-euro ticket would not result in as much “additional traffic” as the 9-euro ticket. Since the 69-euro ticket is more expensive and would not even be bought as well, as is obviously the case with the 9-euro ticket. At least that seems to be the assumption of the VDV. Instead, the VDV wants to use a 69-euro ticket to persuade “drivers who are willing to pay” to continue using local public transport. In a second step, from January 1, 2023, further variants could be prepared that take socio-political aspects into account.

Politics must decide quickly

However, the VDV also says that the introduction of the 69-euro ticket “very quickly” requires a corresponding political order. This is exactly what should be the problem at the moment, because politicians are still arguing about a successor regulation for the 9-euro ticket. The FDP in particular should prove to be a brake here. No support is to be expected from Union circles either, the CSU has already indicated several times that it does not advocate any direct follow-up regulation.

All information about the 9-euro ticket:

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