9-euro ticket: This is how you get the ticket from the train and you have to pay attention to that

Deutsche Bahn will start selling the 9-euro ticket on May 23, 2022. You must take note of this.

Deutsche Bahn AG wants to sell the 9-euro ticket from May 23rd. Via the DB Navigator app, via all other digital rail channels, at around 5,500 Deutsche Bahn ticket machines and in over 400 DB travel centers in train stations. This is reported by the Tagesschau and meanwhile the Bahn AG also announces this on its website. Various transport associations also want to start on 23.5. start selling.

On 23.5. it should also be possible to buy all three tickets for all three months at once. Because you need your own 9-euro ticket for June, July and August.

Each 9-euro ticket is valid from the first day (00:00) to the last day (24:00) of the respective month. For example, if you only buy a 9-euro ticket for June in mid-June, you can only use it until the last day of June. You will then need a new 9-euro ticket for July.

Bayern threatens to blockade

The Free State of Bavaria is now threatening to block the 9-euro ticket. Because on May 19 and 20, 2022, the Bundestag and Bundesrat still have to approve the federal government’s proposal for the 9-euro ticket. However, Bavaria is threatening to refuse its approval in the Bundesrat if the federal government does not reimburse the federal states in full for the costs of the 9-euro ticket and does not significantly increase the regionalization funds as promised in the coalition agreement. “If the federal government believes that it can be applauded on the back of the federal states for a three-month consolation patch and that others should foot the bill, then it has made a huge mistake,” quote the Tagesschau and Süddeutsche Zeitung as saying Bavaria’s Transport Minister Christian Bernreiter.

You can read all the details about the 9-euro ticket in our large “FAQ: 9-euro ticket for all of Germany – you need to know that.”

Bus industry fears competition

Criticism of the 9-euro ticket also comes from the bus industry. The 9-euro ticket could take customers away from long-distance buses – this is particularly painful after the passenger losses caused by the Covid 19 pandemic for more than two years.

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