9-euro ticket: This is how you travel throughout Germany – hidden switch in the app

From June 1st you can travel throughout Germany for 9 euros. So plan your journey now with the DB Navigator app.

That should be on June 1, 2022

9 euro ticket

start. Then you can travel as far and as long as you want on public transport in June, July and August 2022 for nine euros per month and person. So you can travel all over Germany for nine euros – as often as you like. But you have to do something

note important


Because the 9-euro ticket

applies to the railways only for regional and local trains,

but not for ICE and IC/EC etc. – the long-distance trains of the Bahn AG are therefore excluded from the 9-euro ticket. However, you can still travel all over Germany by train for 9 euros. All you need for this is:

So you can travel with all regional trains. So you have to switch from regional train to regional train for a journey through Germany. This requires precise planning – the best way to do this is with the DB Navigator app.

How to use the 9 euro ticket with the DB Navigator app

Now tap on the “Transportation” text just above the red “Search” button. In the page that now opens, tap on “Options” and then on “Transportation”. There you remove the green ticks behind ICE, IC/EC and Interregio/Schnellzug or even faster: Simply activate the slider at the top of this page for “Local/regional traffic only” and then tap on “Done”.

Then on the next page select “Show fastest connections” and tap on “Confirm”. Now tap on “Search”. The list of hits shows you how you can travel to any destination in Germany that can be reached by public transport for 9 euros from June 1st to August 31st.


You are allowed the ticket

don’t buy now

but have to wait until the 9-euro ticket is actually offered for sale in the app. This will be the case during the month of May 2022. At the moment you can only plan your route and get an overview of the transfer options and the time required for the journey. And of course select the default settings of the DB Navigator app accordingly.

The entire “classic” local transport by bus, S-Bahn, tram or subway is included in the 9-euro ticket anyway.

More information about the 9-euro ticket

  • Validity: June 1st to August 31st, 2022

  • Price: 9 euros per month and per person, maximum than 27 euros for the three summer months

  • Validity: All local transport throughout Germany, including certain ferries

  • Bicycle transport: Find out beforehand how this is handled in the transport associations involved in your itinerary and whether there are any additional costs.

  • Where to get it: Nationwide online, in the app and at all ticket machines as well as in customer centers

  • If you already have a local transport subscription, then the transport associations should reimburse the cost difference. The previous subscription card is still valid.

  • Will the 9 euro ticket come for sure? So far, this is only a decision of the federal government. The Bundestag and Bundesrat still have to agree in May.

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