9-euro ticket: transport companies want to extend it by 2 months

The transport companies are proposing an extension of the 9-euro ticket by two months. The reasons.

The German transport companies, together with the railways, have to implement the 9-euro ticket decided by politicians and thus bear the entire burden that has arisen from the enormous success of the 9-euro ticket. Nevertheless, the Association of German Transport Companies is now even calling for the 9-euro ticket to be extended. That writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Accordingly, the transport companies are in favor of extending the 9-euro ticket by two months. The extremely popular ticket for almost all of German local transport (there are actually a few local trains on which the 9-euro ticket is not valid) should therefore still be valid in September and October 2022. Such an extension would continue to relieve the population of the high energy prices.

Politicians and transport companies would also gain the necessary time to develop a permanent connection solution and customers would not fall into a hole after August 31 and be left without a cheap local transport ticket because there is still no successor solution. That would be exactly the problem with the approach of Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) and some other politicians: first evaluate the results of the 9-euro ticket – but there would be no successor solution for the popular ticket for that long – and then sometime in 2023 maybe introduce a successor model (69-euro ticket, 369-euro ticket, etc.).

The Association of German Transport Companies had spoken out in favor of a 69-euro local transport ticket days ago. You can read all the details in the message 9-Euro-Ticket: The successor could be so expensive. The Bavarian Prime Minister Söder, on the other hand, had spoken out in favor of a 365-euro ticket.

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