9 euro ticket valid from today: All information

Starting today, you can travel throughout Germany with the 9-euro ticket. Or not – if you catch the wrong train. All information for surviving with the 9-euro ticket in the German transport tariff jungle.

From today (June 1, 2022) you can travel throughout Germany with the 9-euro ticket. In most local trains and in all network transport.

You can buy the 9-euro ticket from the train, for example directly here online or in the DB Navigator app. You can also buy the 9-euro ticket from many transport associations, such as here at the Munich transport association MVV.

When purchasing the 9 euro ticket, you must specify the month in which the ticket is to be valid. Possible are: June, July and August 2022. If you want to drive it in all three months, you need it


separate 9 euro tickets.

The 9-euro ticket is valid for one person and only in second class on the train. The ticket cannot be canceled or returned and the cost of doing so will not be refunded.

That all sounds quite simple, but there are many pitfalls lurking in the details. We have therefore summarized all information about the 9-euro ticket in an overview:

9 euro ticket: All information at a glance – including exceptions

If you want to use the 9-euro ticket on a Deutsche Bahn AG local train, you have to be particularly careful. Because the train makes using the 9-euro ticket a bit difficult. So difficult that there are now even cartoon-like photomontages with instructions on which local trains the 9-euro ticket is valid for or not. You can read more about this in Funny overview: 9-euro ticket is only valid on these local trains.

The 9-euro ticket ends on August 31, 2022. After that, a bad ending could come. This is informed by this message After the 9-euro ticket: local transport will probably be more expensive.

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