9 women tell what they have in their savings account

Admit it: it sometimes seems nice to be able to look at the savings account of others. Is the amount that you have saved yourself normal, for example? And how do other people save? We all act a little secretive when it comes to how much we earn and how thick (or not) our bank account is. But that is not necessary at all, by exchanging tips we can all save better.

That is why nine women give you a glimpse into their savings account, and they give you a tip to save better or more. A side note: many of these women have a student debt, so part of the money they save goes to repay it.


Age: 24
Profession: Content Engineer at publisher
Amount in savings account: € 17,000
Living situation: rental house

Best saving tip: “Have goals (such as a nice trip or house to buy) and do a savings challenge. That not only makes saving more fun, it also becomes easier, because you transfer an amount every week. ”


Age: 22
Profession: student
Amount in savings account: € 700
Living situation: in rooms

Best savings tip: “I could save more, but don’t forget to spend your money on nice things. Life has to be fun, right? ”


Age: 25
Profession: Web editor at an insurance company / financial services
Amount in savings account: € 11,500
Living situation: rental house

Best savings tip: “I immediately put € 1,000 aside in different pots, for my payment from DUO, my own house and for holidays, once my salary has been paid. Because I immediately lock it away, I don’t miss it either. “


Age: 30
Profession: Marketing coordinator
Amount in savings account: € 22,500
Living situation: owner-occupied home

Best savings tip: “Does that thirtieth pair of shoes really make you happy? Want to buy a luxury sandwich for lunch for the fourth time in a week? I really don’t do things like that. And going out to dinner is also much more fun if you do it once a month instead of every week. ”


Age: 23
Profession: Project assistant at a sustainable company
Amount in savings account: € 14,000
Living situation: at the parents’ home

Best savings tip: “I transfer an amount at the beginning of the month to different funds. If I do take some off again, then I am actually in the negative and will transfer that extra amount to my savings account the following month.


Age: 24
Profession: Business Controller at a large technical company
Amount in savings account: € 22,000 (joint savings account with friend)
Living situation: owner-occupied home

Best saving tip: “Look realistically how much you can save each month. Avoid having to withdraw from your savings account every month and keep some “leeway” for yourself to do fun things. “


Age: 26
Profession: Consultant
Amount in savings account: € 5,000
Living situation: rental house

Best savings tip: “I have an Excel sheet that I update weekly with my expenses, so that I have a realistic picture of what I can still spend. I could save more with my salary, but I also value luxury expenses such as eating out. ”


Age: 24
Income: Wajong benefit and half-orphan’s pension
Amount in savings account: 76,000 euros
Living situation: at home with mother

Best savings tip: “Due to mental health problems I live at home with my mother, I have few fixed costs and I receive a Wajong benefit. Because I hope that I can use this amount later, I immediately send it away when I receive it. If it is not on my checking account, that threshold is a lot higher if I want to buy something. ”


Age: 25
Profession: Online media
Amount in savings account: € 6,800
Living situation: rental house

Best savings tip: “I save by putting a large amount in my savings account every month. I leave it there for as long as possible, but if necessary, I can also remove something from it without any problems. A good tip: save salary increases, bonuses and windfalls from the tax authorities. This “extra money” can be a nice buffer for later. “

Up to 25 years an average of 7,500 euros saved

Dutch people up to 25 years old have saved an average of 7,500 euros. Richer people, however, raise that average considerably, so it is better to look at the median (the middle). Then you come to 2,400 euros. People between the ages of 25 and 35 have saved an average of EUR 14,400, and a median of EUR 5,600.

It will not surprise you, but the older, the more savings. People of 85 years and older are therefore in the lead: on average they have saved 63,300 euros, median 23,700 euros.

All full names are known to the editors.

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9 women tell what they have in their savings account


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