9500 companies get last chance from UWV for settlement NOW

They have until January 9 next year to take action.

No final calculation, no money

It is an important act. If the entrepreneurs concerned do not respond to the call, the UWV will set the subsidy for the period concerned to zero, so that the companies must repay their advances.

In the period from March to May last year, a total of 139,500 employers received support in wage costs through the so-called Emergency Measure Bridging Employment (NOW). Of these, 130,000 entrepreneurs have already submitted the required application for the final settlement.


12,000 of them have not yet submitted all documents for a full calculation. For example, they are still waiting for an auditor’s report. These entrepreneurs have been given a 14-week extension.

The UWV expects that some of the 9,500 companies that have not made a statement, have no intention of doing so. Some employers do not expect to be entitled to the aid, for example because they ultimately lost less turnover than expected. In that case, requesting a final calculation makes little sense.


The aid was granted at the beginning of the corona crisis. But that money was an advance based on wages in January 2020 and the estimated loss of turnover. The final calculation is necessary to determine what companies are actually entitled to. This can lead to a supplementary payment or a chargeback.

In the first NOW period, advances totaling 7.9 billion euros were made.

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