991 PC games for 10 euros – relief campaign for Ukraine

With a package of almost 1,000 games for 10 US dollars, developers on want to help people in Ukraine.

In many places people can donate to the victims of the war in Ukraine. Indie gaming platform also wants to raise money for the people of Ukraine. More than 700 developers from all over the world could be won for this. The aim of the campaign is to raise one million US dollars in donations for humanitarian aid organizations in Ukraine. Dedicated gamers are said to spend $10 on a bundle of games. The money should go directly to the people of Ukraine.

Watch a bundle with almost 991 games for 10 US dollars

991 games for $10

The $10 bundle includes a total of 991 games. Some of the titles have never been available in such a package. Among the PC games there are some real highlights with “Celeste”, “CrossCode” or “Towerfall Ascension”. The rest of the games cover very different genres such as adventure, metroidvania, co-op role-playing games or strategy. If you want, you can also pay more than the required 10 US dollars. In this way, the self-imposed donation goal of one million US dollars should be reached more quickly.

Two donation recipients

The amounts paid are to be divided between two charitable institutions: The International Medical Corps is a humanitarian non-profit organization that aims to ensure medical care for people in Ukraine. Voices of Children, on the other hand, is an organization that aims to make it easier for children to cope with the consequences of war and to offer appropriate accommodation.

Larger donations are also possible

Players worldwide can participate in the fundraiser until March 17, 2022. Over $800,000 has already been donated. On average, players paid almost 15 US dollars for the huge game bundle of almost 600 games. The most generous donation to date is $1,694.

Watch a bundle with almost 991 games for 10 US dollars

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