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A bath in the bedroom? You have to take this into account!

Extraction system

To prevent your entire room from getting covered in fungi by the moisture, it is smart to provide a good extraction system. Too much moisture can also cause the wallpaper to peel off or cause bumps in the floor.

A disadvantage of a good extraction system is that it often makes a lot of noise. This is of course less romantic than what you have in mind for a bath in the bedroom. Nevertheless, we recommend that you invest in an extraction system so that you do not run into problems later.

Suitable floor

Unfortunately, not all floors are suitable for a bath. This is therefore important to take with you when you are going to renovate your bedroom. Despite an extraction system, the floor must be able to withstand moisture. For example, it is not useful to choose a wooden floor under your bath, because it will mold over time. So choose a floor that you would also choose in the bathroom, such as a cast or concrete floor, beautiful tiles or PVC.

In addition, a bath in the bedroom is also very heavy, especially when it is full of water. That’s why you need to choose a solid floor that can take some weight. Sometimes it may also be the case that a floor construction must be installed first. It is therefore smart to first have a calculation made in advance how much money you will spend on it.

Are you going to build or completely renovate a house yourself? Then it is best to immediately take into account that the bedroom floor needs to be reinforced.

Good drainage

Are you planning to take a paw bath? Super nice, but you have to ensure good drainage and supply. Under the bath you must have space for a siphon and there must be a drain and supply pipe for hot and cold water.

Sometimes it may be that this is in the bath itself, but if it is not, it must still be under the floor. You could then raise the bath. This creates a kind of wall in the bedroom where the siphon is installed. So take this into account in the design of the bedroom.

Would you like a nice suite with a bath? Then think carefully about these things and include them in your decision.

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