A case for the insurance company: 1000 hp Ferrari wrecked

It was not planned that way! This is after a test drive Ferrari costing almost 500,000 euros just scrap. The completely demolished super sports car is one SF90 Stradale. Of the Plug-in hybrid combines a four-liter V8 biturbo with 780 hp with three electric motors. The result are 1000 HP system output and impressive driving performance: 100 km / h are available after only 2.5 seconds from a standstill, up to 200 km / h it takes just 6.7 seconds and the Top speed give the Italians 340 km / h at. But this SF90 is not going anywhere any longer! (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)
Erlkönig Ferrari accident on country road

Interior with a lot of technology: The crashed Ferrari is probably a test vehicle. Very worrying: the airbags did not deploy.

Obviously, the 1000 hp were too much for the driver of this Ferrari, who lost control of the SF90, which cost around 500,000 euros, on a country road between Hoffenheim and Balzfeld and hit the guardrails several times. Curious: The Ferrari had an accident was a with Foil camouflaged Erlkönig. Various measuring devices, screens and emergency stop switches can also be seen in the interior. But why is the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, which has been available since 2020, still camouflaged over a year and a half after its market launch? Often these vehicles are Test vehicles from supplierswho test new parts or systems on the models and partially mask the vehicles.
Erlkönig Ferrari accident on country road

The rear of the SF90 is largely undamaged, but the front is completely destroyed.

If this is also the case with the SF90, then this test backfired, because the Ferrari is only worth scrap. The accident happened shortly after midnight and without the involvement of other vehicles. According to the police, the debris field extended over 200 meters. Despite the apparently violent impact, the remained Fortunately, the driver was unharmed and that although the driver’s airbag apparently did not deploy.

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