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A couple lives with two dogs in a tiny house with a luxury sauna

Molly and Ken live with two dogs in a tiny house made for them.

Molly and Ken / Bornandbound

Molly and Ken from Texas have been living in a tiny house since December 2018. The fiancee live with their two dogs in a 25 square meter house on wheels.

Your tiny house has a kitchen and lots of windows that let in natural light. They also have a loft-like bedroom on one floor and even a sauna.

They have decorated the house with many plants to create a homely feeling of warmth and cosiness.

“If you live in a smaller space, you really have to think about what you really need and what you don’t need in your house,” said Molly and Ken in an interview with Insider.

You can get an insight into her life in the modern tiny home here:

This is how the couple lives on wheels with their dogs in the Tiny House

This article has been translated and edited by Ilona Tomić from English. You can read the original here.


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