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A few days away? This way your plants are guaranteed to survive

Fortunately, while you are concerned about a possible solution, there are several sprinkler and flower supply providers in the garden market who have long thought this out for you. They developed special holiday watering sets that take away all your worries during your holiday.

How it works

A good example of such a holiday watering set is the AquaSolea. This set is available with and without tap connection. Do you choose a set without tap connection? Then you need a filled tank of water, which can serve as a storage place for the water you want to use. Place the drippers in the plants yourself (maximum 20), simply set the watering duration with the button and the automatic drip irrigation system will do its job.

Choose from one of the fourteen preset watering programs, with which you can easily determine the time and duration of the watering. The set contains all kinds of handy parts such as coupling pieces, sealing caps, twenty-meter distribution pipe and a filter. Height differences are no problem thanks to pressure-compensating drippers.

Doesn’t that cost a lot of energy?

No! The energy is obtained from rechargeable batteries in combination with a solar panel. This makes the set energy efficient and also suitable in every garden or even on every balcony. Hang it on the wall or in the bucket / flower pot in which your greenery is rooted. This way you can be sure that your plants will look just as beautiful after your holiday as before you left.

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