A Formula 1 racing car on the Autobahn

How would you react if a Formula 1 Ferrari suddenly appeared in front of you on the freeway?

The question is not entirely unrealistic, as an event in the Czech Republic shows. A corresponding racing car drove there on the D4 motorway. At the wheel: a driver with a Kimi Raikkonen helmet.

The Czech news portal has published the corresponding video showing the racing car in normal traffic. In German-speaking countries, Speedweek first reported on it.

However, the trained eye quickly realizes that this is not an original Formula 1 car. The proportions are wrong, not to mention the wrong Ferrari lettering.

According to Speedweek, it’s instead a GP2 car, the closest in shape to the 2009 model. So a Dallara with a 620 hp four-liter V8 engine from Renault.

Was there something? Is correct! This racing car was spotted on the same Autobahn three years ago (Newsabc reported). The police even tracked down the owner, but couldn’t prove he was driving because of the helmet.

Now the Czech police have launched new investigations. The fans still have fun. Under the video they crack various jokes. Among other things, they suspect that the driver will probably not get very far due to the susceptibility of his vehicle to defects…

The police, on the other hand, should be less amused…

The video about the exit can be found here.

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