A Game Boy for huge hands: modders build “Game Man”

If you pick up a first-generation Nintendo Game Boy today, it is likely to be a bit clunky and unwieldy. The YouTuber Grumpy Modeler is not bulky enough, which is why he built an oversized version of the handheld console.

The Game Man is almost ridiculously huge and plays Famicom modules – games for the Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System NES. The size doesn’t make gaming any easier: the modder has difficulty pressing several buttons at the same time.

Recreate yourself

If you feel like doing the project while watching the video, you can do so with the help of a 3D printer. The corresponding models are available for download here. The description also includes detailed instructions for the project, including purchase recommendations for all components used.

While Grumpy Modeler uses an original Famicom motherboard as a starting point, it is of course also possible to operate the device on the basis of a Raspberry Pi or another mini-computer with the help of an emulator. For example, you could play ROMs from Game Boy games on the giant device.


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