A group purchase for gas and electricity pays off, but the devil is in the tail

Group purchases offer you a competitive energy rate, but not always the cheapest

A group purchase often leads to a very interesting contract, but not the cheapest, say comparison websites. “That’s right”, says Kurt Hernot of the CREG. “If you start looking for yourself, it can often be a bit cheaper. But through a group purchase you do not have to put in any energy yourself and you still get a very competitive result. It is certainly a good way to enter the energy market if, for example, you do not have internet yourself. ”

That is why, according to Hernot, it is always useful to test the proposal you receive through a group purchase, for example through the V-test of the VREG or the CREG scan. “Always ask for the rate card and use the CREG scan to compare whether a cheaper energy contract can be found”

Group purchases are successful and reliable

Group purchases are organized by the province or by an organization. For example, you have the group purchase from Knack, the province of East Flanders or the VAB. These authorities call on a company to arrange everything. In the case of these three examples, it is one and the same company: Ichoosr.

“We work together with different partners, but all participants end up in the same pot”, says Ichoosr director for Belgium Frederic Dumalin. “Due to the large volume of potential customers, we can negotiate better prices with the supplier”.

According to Dumalin, group purchases today are more successful than ever: “People are subscribing en masse, we never had as many acceptors as last year. One of the strengths is that participation is completely free and without obligation. And you will receive a proposal for a contract with fixed energy rates and a fixed energy cost that is only charged for the period that your customer remains. “

You can indeed register for a group purchase free of charge and without obligation, Kurt Hernot of the CREG confirms: “Once you receive your proposal, you still have 3 to 4 weeks to sign up. to come up with.”

Good for the energy market

According to Hernot, each group purchase in itself is equally reliable: “I did not notice any differences. Suppliers who want to participate in a group purchase make a bid and the best is chosen. It doesn’t really matter who organizes it. ”

Group purchases also have a positive effect on the energy market, according to Hernot: “It is also a way for small suppliers to acquire many customers in one fell swoop. Consider, for example, the Flemish Energy Supplier, which just secured the group purchase from the province of East Flanders. But a large supplier can just as easily become the provider in a group purchase, “says Hernot.” Engie has just landed the aforementioned group purchase from Ichoosr. “

Sometimes the sting is in the tail

When you sign up for a group purchase, you always get a fixed-price contract, usually for 1 year.

“When that year ends, you have to be careful, because you often automatically switch to an expensive contract”, Hernot warns. “Suppliers then hope that the so-called ‘passive’ customers will stick around. Especially with group purchases, they try to win back part of their promotion. For example, I know of a group purchase that is just ending, where the follow-up rate is twice as high as the boarding rate for the group purchase. “

Once you start with it, it is therefore best to participate in a group purchase every year. This way you can be sure that you will maintain the most advantageous rate possible. So it pays to sign up for a group purchase every year.


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