a hydrogen version planned for the end of 2022

Presented as a concept, the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT will become a reality at the end of next year with a hydrogen X5.

In the not-so-distant days of auto shows, BMW took advantage of the high mass in Frankfurt to present the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT. An alternative solution to battery electric technology in order to offer cleaner cars. In accordance with its announcements, the brand intends to launch a small series hydrogen BMW X5 next year.

The German firm is keeping its roadmap and has just recently confirmed that the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT will experience series production from the end of next year. Or rather in small series, since BMW does not plan to dive until the technology is not a little better developed.

Towards a range of 600 km?

The fuel cell SUV should therefore take the style of the announcing concept, which does not differ from a thermal or even plug-in hybrid version. The technical scheme will also be similar, with a 374 hp engine. It will be powered by a 170 hp fuel cell installed at the front. Between them, two tanks making it possible to store nearly 6 kg of hydrogen will take place: the 600 km of autonomy would be within its reach.

Close to Toyota for the development of hydrogen, BMW will however step up a gear from 2025, by releasing its first mass-produced hydrogen vehicle.


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