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A livestream for everything: ‘1500 people watched our gender reveal party’

Nicole Melchers shared her gender reveal party – revealing the gender of her unborn child – via live stream. “It was really fun, we didn’t expect it to become so popular, but at its peak there were 1500 people watching.”

She would have preferred to have her family and friends there ‘in person’, but that was not possible due to the circumstances. “That’s why we did it like this. We made the design ourselves and we had Bossche globes containing the results. It became more and more spectacular. The moment ‘It’s a boy’ appeared on the screen, there was also confetti.”

‘Beautiful for later’

It was a hit. It seemed as if the whole village where she lived had looked, because even her parents were approached by everyone in the village. “Sure it would have been nice to have everyone there live, but this way we also have a very nice video for later. That is also very valuable.”

Rik Sinkeldam of Videocompany has also noticed that the demand for live streams is increasing. Since May he has focused entirely on organizing live streams. “In March, our agenda was suddenly empty. Then we started to focus on live streams. The assignments are pouring in. Especially weddings and funerals.” A live stream costs a few hundred euros. “You need one or two cameras and a computer with internet access. It’s very easy.”


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