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A look inside: 1930s house full of original details

At the end of 2016, the duo was looking for a new 1930s home. That quest was not that easy. Sarina (@ hoff.van.saar): “Each house was either way too expensive or a lot had already been done to the house, so that many of the original elements had disappeared.

Until we heard about this house. I knew the location was beautiful, but it didn’t look good. ”When the couple saw it in person, they thought, ‘Oh dear!’ Because absolutely everything about the house had to be renovated.

Small is beautiful

As is often the case in a 1930s house, Sarina and her husband also have a tiny living room. This is partly due to the handsome ensuite doors that separate the living room from the dining area. To optically add some extra square meters, they have kept the room nice and light and have removed a corner cupboard.

“In addition, a kind of counter-like windowsill was placed over the heating in the bay window. We removed that together with the heating, because we now have underfloor heating.

Dining by log fire

Here, too, the residents looked at how they could gain centimeters. For example, they had the original chimney replaced by a new size-less version.

From cabin to open kitchen

Where possible, the DIY duo has designed the ground floor in a smarter way. Take the kitchen as an example. Here they broke open a wall, so that they could realize a large open kitchen and a more spacious toilet.

Hall with style

Several authentic details have been preserved in the hall. “We were lucky that the stained glass in all the original doors was still in order, so we were able to use it again. In addition, we opened the stairs. It was closed with panels. We removed them and removed the bars. we found and mounted on Marktplaats. “

Spacious first floor

Like the rest of the house, the first floor has also received a lot of attention. All areas are arranged in such a way that they are used as efficiently as possible. To make the rooms look spacious, neutral earth tones have been chosen. Good tip for when the number of meters is limited and you still want something other than white on the wall.

Attic without mess

Where the attic is often relegated to a ‘come-later’ project, Sarina and her husband have turned it into something very beautiful. They have to, because the two are expecting a second child. “We had built-in wardrobes for all clothes. We also concealed the washing machine and dryer.”

Inspiration enough!


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