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A look inside a boho-chic 80s house

In 2006 Shannah (@thehomerebel) and Jurriaan bought their house. What was important from the start was creating a holiday vibe. As soon as you get home you should be able to relax. “Our style can best be described as boho-chic with ethical influences.

Unpacking with removing

A bigger house in just five days, the Hoofddorp duo went for it. Their biggest dream was to realize an extension one day. After the piggy bank was filled and they had exactly what they wanted, the living space was increased last summer. “We had opted for prefab assembly. This means that the extension was made in the factory and only assembled by us. So we had a bigger house in five days.”

Studio look

Shannah and Jurriaan have put many frames with photos and posters on the floor. Original. “We have a lot of work on the floor, because we like a studio look. In other words, that works are not put together too cliché.

Charm of stucco

The stucco on one wall in the living room has not been painted. “I love the haze that forms in the plaster. With certain light you get a Marrakesh-like atmosphere.”

Characteristic kitchen island

Initially it had a small kitchen. Something that was out of proportion to the rest of the spacious house. “We opted for a kitchen island with everything in it. Because we wanted to give it that special touch, we glued Moroccan tiles to the front.”

Open (kitchen) cupboard

Where a bulky sideboard can be found in many living rooms, the pair wanted something different. Sideboard out, more peace in it. They have opted for an open wall cupboard, in which they display the most beautiful crockery. This way you can enjoy it extra often.

In the clouds of the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the showpieces of the house. The couple first completely stripped the attic room. The concrete wall has been chipped and leftovers they have left to get a cool effect. “With the Moroccan bridal blanket in combination with many colorful pillows, the bed has the Moroccan hotel feeling.”

Would you also like to get a holiday vibe at home? You can go a long way with a few simple adjustments. “Think of the use of color from your favorite destination or things you brought with you from vacation. And add some small accessories of reeds or beautiful colors.”

Would you like to make an extra round through the house? Scroll through the Instagram account of interior stylist Shannah or watch the fragment via Videoland (episode 4).


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