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A look inside a completely renovated 1930s house

Sometimes you have to be able to see through something to discover its true charm. Joris: “We fell purely for the style of the house. At the time of purchase, it had a beautiful appearance, a beautiful character, but we had to look through many things. It was very outdated inside and out, but we saw a lot. potency. “

Mix of styles

After the major renovation was over, furnishing could begin. Kelly (@flair_sierkussen): “I prefer a country style and Joris more modern. It was the intention to combine those two styles, which is why we were able to create our very own interior.”

Bay window as usual

Since the bay window was too small, they turned on part of it. It turned out to be quite a quest to find the right stone that resembled the original stone. After a lot of searching we succeeded.

Authentic elements

The Brabant couple has left a few characteristic 1930s elements in the house. For example, both the front door and the stairs are still in their original condition. Kelly: “We did blacken the stairs. In addition, there was carpet in the hall first. When we were going to remove this, we came across this old terrazzo floor. We only polished and sanded it.”

Custom kitchen

The couple decided to expand the house with a substantial extension. This space now serves, among other things, as an attractive kitchen diner. Kelly: “We preferred a certain type of kitchen, which is why we had a custom kitchen made with the terrazzo worktop specifically. I really wanted this to be reflected in the sink, so that it would become one whole.”

First floor

Initially, the bathroom was on the landing. Kelly: “Actually we couldn’t do anything with it. That’s why we rearranged everything.” Since the DIY duo had built an extension of about 9 x 7 meters, they had space downstairs to make their dream bathroom there.

“We could never have realized this on that small piece above, which is why we were able to include this nicely in the construction. This is the process we are most proud of, because Joris wanted his bath and I wanted the round window. spectacle of the house. “

Master bedroom

The duo has converted the attic into a grand master bedroom. When removing the ceiling, they came across old joists. Kelly: “We had to do something with this. We left this in sight, so that you immediately get more height. We also made a vide. An extra space to store things.

Joris: “In the end we are very happy with what we managed to make of it. Everything went as we had thought and drawn it out. Proud!”

Would you like to make an extra round through the house? Watch the fragment via Videoland (episode 8).


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