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A look inside a purple house in Haarlem

Colorful Scandinavian with design from Marktplaats!

We were recently allowed to look inside the stylish house of @onshaarlemsehuisje. The first thing you notice is the purple wall. The aubergine color plays a leading role and can be found all over the house. Even in the garden!

Besides the same colors, they also use the same materials. You will find the rattan in the garden and in the bedrooms. In this way the whole house becomes a beautiful whole.

Nancy loves design and that is reflected in her interior a lot. She mainly buys this through Marktplaats. She has found a fairly new dining table on the second-hand website for next to nothing.

Tip: do you come across something nice in a store? Save a search via Marktplaats and be patient.

Kitchen and living room reversed

The kitchen is placed forward so that they can look into the garden from the living area. They are right!

In the kitchen they have chosen to use calm colors as a basis. So they can vary with colors on the wall and accessories. This allows you to easily create a new atmosphere time and time again.

Make your own headboard

Recently they made a headboard themselves (with the help of a good friend). They put an oak beam on it there. To create a little more warmth, you can also find the oak wood in the niches.

Inside out

The purple color is not only visible in the house, they have also painted the wall purple outside. In this way the garden is really involved in the house. And here you will also find the rattan again.


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