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A look inside Bas’s man cave (and more)

Bas and Birgit completely modernized the house. “Some old elements have been preserved, such as the tiles on the toilet and the doors.”

Before they started, neither of them had any experience with DIY. Because Birgit’s father saw potential in the house, they decided to buy it anyway, despite its aging and defects. Bas: “You can do more than you think.”

In the end, the two remodeled the house from top to bottom. With a little help: “A contractor checked our work every now and then. When we were going to do something big, he looked with us: are we doing it right? Is it safe? We also received help from family and friends to cover costs. save.”

First demolish everything

The renovation started with demolition. Much demolition. “We took away two walk-in closets and we wanted a sitting area in the living room. At first there was little space there because of a door, so we decided to move that door. When we demolished it, we discovered that there was already a door in the wall where we wanted to relocate it, so that worked out well. “

All doors have been given a major overhaul – and are now all in their original condition. “We sanded and painted for hours, but are very happy with the end result.”

On the spot where a large cupboard now stands, was a chimney, which has been removed. According to the couple, he took up a lot of space. Now that the chimney is gone, the wall is smooth and furniture can stand against it again.

The floor

The floor was also heavily addressed. There was a crawl space under the original floor, which was demolished and filled with sand, insulation material and underfloor heating. Several Saturdays the couple (and friends!) Sacrificed to fill the floor, which ultimately resulted in a beautiful, sleek oak floor.


Of all areas, the kitchen required most of the work. There was a large wall in the old kitchen, which closed the space. The wall was removed to make more room.

The granite floor was removed, which was not an easy job either. During the demolition, all electricity turned out to be exposed, so this was immediately addressed and well prepared for the new kitchen. “There has been an awful lot of work, fortunately nothing of it can be seen anymore.”

From children’s room to bathroom

According to the couple, the original bathroom was ‘much too small’, so it was converted into an attractive toilet.

Because they wanted a rain shower, all pipes had to be replaced. The old pipes couldn’t handle it. A new central heating boiler was installed and then there was finally the coveted rain shower.

Mancave for Bas

The entire attic was insulated again and the suspended ceiling also had to die. The gabled roof you see now was not visible. The space has now become a large ‘man cave’, as Bas and Birgit call it. “I often watch football here with friends or play a game”, says Bas.


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