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A look inside: living in an old gym

Bianca (@studiodjoy): “We were able to make an offer in 2016. From the first moment we arrived here, we knew we could turn this fantastic property into something special.” Daydreaming became reality and so the new residents of the historic school building managed to make a modern family home.

Interesting interior style

“We have opted for a modern and industrial style. The industrial can be found in the steel elements and in the concrete floor. The modern is in the clean lines, minimalist decoration and black-white-gray as basic colors.”

Entry of the entrants

A gigantic high ceiling, large steel facades and XXL plants, that is how the entrance can best be described. “Since we wanted to return everything to its original state, we made sure that the entrance was returned to its original location.”

Cosiness in grandeur

Initially there was a suspended wooden ceiling in the house. “It was only during the renovation that we found out that it has such an incredibly beautiful hood.”

Although it is a challenge to create atmosphere and warmth in one huge space, Bianca has succeeded. For example, she has divided the former gymnasium into smaller niches and a loft has been installed.

Spacious kitchen

The proud residents have chosen to place the colossal kitchen block in front of the monumental windows. Many will envy this enormous kitchen.

Masterful moss wall

Big bigger Biggest. The moss wall in the middle of the house is not to be missed. “The moss wall creates a cool effect in the interior. It is also good for the acoustics in such a room. And you don’t have to do anything about it. It is a super-large, beautiful object in the room.”

Hotel chic sleeping and bathing

Where the changing rooms, shower rooms and toilets of the gym used to be, the bedrooms and bathrooms are now settled. Again in the style that has also been used in the rest of the house. A special element to highlight is the wall of plastered wooden plates with a metallic look in the master bedroom.


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