a new 1,100 hp hydrogen supercar

To demonstrate its mastery of hydrogen, the company Viritech presents the Aprical, an emission-free supercar.

Hydrogen is more and more in the foreground, presented as an alternative to battery technologies already present on our roads. British engineering company Viritech is taking a keen interest in this solution. And to present its know-how in this area, it lifts the veil on the hydrogen supercar Apricale.

Under its false air of Koenigsegg Regera, the English supercar has chosen the fuel cell for many technical reasons. And mainly for weight reasons, but also for ecological considerations, as Matt Faulks, the boss of the brand, explained to our colleagues atCoach : “You have two problems when choosing batteries. The more energy storage you need, the heavier the car. The second is the continued use of large amounts of raw materials in the construction of battery packs, which are potentially recyclable, but even today we are struggling to recover lithium so that it can be reused ”.

Nearly 1.8 million euros for Viritech Apricale

For now, the details of the technical sheet have not all been disclosed. The English company, however, clarified that the supercar uses pressure tanks reinforced with graphene. That is, they form a structural element of the frame, which aims to reduce weight. This last value has not been specified, but the 1,100 hp announced should not be worth it.

If it is presented in a virtual form, the Viritech Apricale has great ambitions. And not least, since it wants to be the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen hypercar. The definition of series seems poorly mastered here, since Viritech plans a print run of only 25 copies at a unit price close to 1.8 million euros.


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