a new battery and seven seats for the Chinese SUV

Already unveiled last year, the BYD Tang EV updates itself ahead of its imminent arrival in the European market.

Last May, the Chinese manufacturer announced its commercial ambitions for the European market. In the middle of its roadmap is the BYD Tang EV, a large electric SUV promising more than 500 km of range (NEDC). It is now revealed with a few fixes.

And it is mainly under its body that the biggest evolution is hidden. Initially announced with an 82.8 kWh battery, the BYD Tang EV now carries an 86.4 kWh unit, dubbed the Blade Battery.

An electric SUV reserved for the Norwegian market

For this new 2021 vintage, the BYD Tang EV loses 15 km of range to stabilize at a total value of 505 km on the NEDC cycle. This is the price to pay in order to be able to board seven seats, which increases the weight of the vehicle. It therefore enters the still closed sphere of 100% electric SUVs with a third row of seats.

Barely aesthetically altered inside, the Tang EV retains its already known attributes, whether in terms of dimensions, engine power or mechanical configuration with the EV600 (traction) and EV600D (all-wheel drive) versions. The SUV will first be launched in Norway in the second quarter of 2021. It will continue to make its first rounds in the country, before reaching other markets in Europe. But the marketing schedule has not been disclosed.


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