A new battery for the Tesla Model 3 2021

Equipped with a new generation of cells from the Japanese Panasonic, the Tesla Model 3 of the 2021 vintage now have a battery of 82 kWh capacity.

Bad news for the competition! The batteries of the world’s best-selling electric car are set to improve further! Until now limited to around 75 kWh, the 2021 Tesla Model 3’s batteries climb to 82 kWh. This increase in capacity echoes the new investment of $ 100 million announced by Panasonic earlier this year to produce new cells at the Nevada Gigafactory with increased energy density.

Warning ! This is not the new generation of 4680 cells announced by Tesla in September during Battery Day but changes made to the current 2170 configuration (21 mm in diameter and 70 mm in length, hence their name) .

Not officialized by Tesla, which has made a (bad) habit of no longer communicating the capacity of the packs on board its cars, the information comes from several forums. In Europe, some users awaiting delivery of their model have received a document from the manufacturer in which the 82 kWh capacity of the pack is specified. This justifies the increase in autonomy recently announced by the manufacturer.

What about the Chinese version?

Currently delivered in Europe in addition to models from the California factory in Fremont, are the Chinese versions of the Tesla Model 3 also affected by this increase in the capacity of the pack? Nothing is less certain because the supplier of the batteries is different. In China, CATL supplies cells with a different chemistry from that used by Panasonic.

Source: Electrek


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