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A new-build home that is buzzing with charm and cosiness

A brand new semi-detached house with an unobstructed view, that the duo liked. Of course it would be a mega job, but partly because of Karen’s background as an interior designer and consultant, the two saw it go well. Karen: “We bought the house shell, so we could fill in everything according to our own wishes.”

What started as a typical Scandinavian interior – with lots of white and light wood – can now be better described as eclectic, according to the designer. For example, they have added more color (accents) throughout the house. “That is a trend now that you see more and more,” said Karen.

Layout in your own hands

Since the pair bought a hull house, they could decide for themselves where, for example, the kitchen and living room would be located. “We wanted to make the living room of most of the house where we live most of the time. On the other side we placed the kitchen. In addition, we opted for a peninsula that is placed against the wall, so that we have some extra meters. were able to participate. “

Creative areas of color

To ensure that the large spaces become cozier, the DIY duo has provided a large area with a few walls throughout the house (including bedroom, dining room and living room). “This makes the room just a bit cozier and it emphasizes the space. Plus: by choosing a light color, it gives a room a more cozy twist.”

Steel room divider

Since the family has a fairly large downstairs space, they have placed trendy steel doors between the kitchen diner and the living room. This ensures that both spaces have become a lot more intimate at the same time.

Bedrooms with a sporty touch

In such a beautifully styled house you can expect beautiful bedrooms. With two young boys who occasionally have to lose their energy, the duo has opted for rooms with a sporty touch. One room has a gym corner and the other boys’ room has a real basket and football goal. In order to emphasize certain elements in the rooms and to give the whole a more playful effect, they only covered part of the walls.

As you can see, with custom solutions and creative areas of color you can give a house – including a new-build home – a unique and cozy effect from living room to attic. Inspiration everywhere!

Do you want to see more DIY and home inspiration from Karen? Then take a look at her Instagram account.


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