A new converter to improve the range of electric Porsches

To improve the autonomy of its electric cars, Porsche will soon be testing a 3D printed converter.

Located between the electric motor and the battery, the converter (or inverter) also consumes energy as part of its functions. In order to limit energy losses, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have developed a new manufacturing process that Porsche will quickly test in its electric cars.

After numerous studies, the researchers gathered around the project came to the conclusion that the autonomy could be improved by improving the cooling of the AC / DC converter. The research team has thus developed a part made from silicon carbide and printed in 3D.

Towards a 6% gain in autonomy

This new construction method offers new perspectives in terms of design: the thinner walls, but just as strong, help to improve cooling. Thus, the electric cars thus equipped would have a greater range of the order of 6%.

The Fraunhofer Institute has already expressed its willingness to test this new converter with Bosch. Porsche has also shown interest, and will use it in “A new powertrain”, which could also use 3D printing.


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