a new electric sedan to attack Tesla

The young Chinese manufacturer Xpeng has announced a new model for 2021, with the release of a second electric sedan, which will join the P7 sedan and the G3 SUV. The start-up is aiming for series production at the end of the year.

The landscape of Tesla’s competitors has only grown in recent months, mainly thanks to electric sedans created by American and Chinese companies. After the presentation of the Lucid Air, Xpeng presented its P7, and the two young competitors of the Model S and Model 3 have been joined in recent days by the Nio ET7, whose 150 kWh batteries promise more than 1000 km of autonomy. in the years to come.

Unimpressed by these multiple rivals settling in the landscape, the start-up Xpeng has already announced a second sedan, its third model, since an SUV named G3 has already been produced for nearly three years. No data has been released regarding this new model but a presentation is expected later in the year.

The year ahead is set to be a pivotal year for the brand, which recently launched the Xpeng G3 to market in Europe via Norway. The brand’s objective is to export its models from the Middle Kingdom to come and play in an electric market still populated by vehicles at significantly higher prices. An offensive that it therefore intends to lead with a range made up of three models.


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