a new high-tech electric car for 2024

Audi A4 e-tron concept 2019

Despite the many new e-tron electric innovations to come, Audi also wants to bring a “pioneering” technological standard. Developed under the code name “Artemis”, it will hit the roads by 2024.

Pressed to turn the page on dieselgate, Audi continues to accelerate on the electric. After the current e-tron and the GT and Q4 for 2021, the brand’s new boss, Markus Duesmann, is launching a project called Artemis. A name that refers to the Goddess of wilderness, hunting and the Moon. The chase may be Tesla’s chase, which Audi will undertake in the field of technology and electricity.

A quirky and autonomous high-tech model?

This will give birth to a “Ultra-efficient electric car” according to Audi. This model will be on the sidelines of “classic” e-tron, although resources will be drawn from the Volkswagen group. Design should therefore be separate, with “A specific reference”. However, the technique should borrow the future PPE platform, that of the manufacturer’s large electric vehicles.

This vehicle should represent technological know-how and ” the agility “ of the company, with a conduct “Highly autonomous”. It’s no coincidence. The leader of the project is none other than Alex Hitzinger, having worked on the Apple autonomous car for 3 years.

Another differentiation, the brand with the rings “Will develop an ecosystem around the car, a new business model in the use phase”. Will Audi Artemis have variable options during its lifetime? With flexible rental, or even robotaxi car sharing? It is still too early to say, because Audi does not plan to launch this new electric car before 2024. And target the Moon?

In 2016, Audi was (literally) targeting the Moon, but the Artemis will have wheels on Earth.


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