a new logo and a date announced for the next 308

Peugeot held a press conference to announce a new chapter in its history. The lion brand has indeed presented a new logo, with a neo-retro design. This pays tribute to the brand and is accompanied by a new global identity.

Peugeot has decided to modernize its image at a time when the transition to electric is accelerating. The manufacturer is therefore changing its overall identity and putting forward new principles, which are accompanied by a new logo. It is inspired by the one seen on the E-Legend concept, and therefore the logo of the 80s from which it was inspired. However, the manufacturer has opted for a flat design, the famous “flat design” that all brands now wear.

The font was designed by the designers of the firm and adapts to all platforms, for global communication. Peugeot has thus chosen to return to a crest format for its logo, as explained by the brand’s design manager.

Peugeot's new identity

The coat of arms and the Lion to affirm the identity of the brand

“A logo is the expression of a brand and Peugeot has become much more than that over time, a state of mind and a philosophy”, explains Matthias Hossann. “It represents three fundamental values: timelessness, personality and quality. “

“Peugeot is a pioneer in mobility and a legendary brand in the automobile and cycle. The coat of arms has always united, and we wanted to develop a new one. This coat of arms, already used by Peugeot in the past, is iconic. It forms a link between our history and our future. “

The designer also reveals that this logo was designed in-house by Peugeot’s design department. Contrary to what is usually done, no design or external communication agency intervened in this process.

No information has been given on the adaptation of this new logo to existing models, but the digital identity of the brand will change on all pages. Peugeot assures us that this identity will be global, without saying whether the brand’s return to the United States will become a reality.

Thierry Lonziano, communications and marketing director, also detailed the change on the facades of the dealers. The main concessions will change by the end of 2021, and in 2023, all after-sales outlets will display this logo.

The future appearance of Peugeot garages

The reflection of Peugeot’s move upmarket

New CEO of Peugeot, Linda Jackson insisted on the will to move upmarket of the brand. This new identity is the most recent reflection of this. However, she ensures that this new identity does not come from the recent alliance between FCA and PSA, called Stellantis. “It has nothing to do with Stellantis, we worked on it even before the idea of ​​Stellantis appeared. For ten years, we have endeavored to bring Peugeot upmarket, and the result is visible to all ”, she explained. “It is the result of an unwavering commitment, an unremovable quest for evolution, sometimes making daring choices. The 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered, which will be launched in a few weeks, is the translation. For ten years, we have followed one objective, that of creating value. “

Asked about the risk of seeing the prices of the brand’s models soar, Linda Jackson kicks in touch: “We want to add value and make our cars desirable. »Assuring that Peugeot’s objective is to offer quality to its customers, she did not give a precise answer to this specific question.

The date of presentation of the new Peugeot 308 known

While it is not known whether current models manufactured in the future will sport this logo, it is known that future models will use it. This will be the case with the new Peugeot 308, the compact about which the company is not gossip.

Today we have confirmed the date of presentation of this third generation of 308: it will be March 18, in three weeks! Peugeot will therefore lift the veil on what could be one of the manufacturer’s new bestsellers.

The 308 should be available with electrified engines, without knowing if an electric version will be offered. Eager to offer its “Power of Choice”, the power to choose, the brand should make the 308 the new spearhead of electrification in its range.


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