a new monthly subscription coming up?

After splitting up its semi-automatic driving offer, the Tesla brand could offer a monthly subscription for the full Autopilot option.

For several years, we should have had Tesla without driver according to the overly optimistic Elon Musk. Like any announcement of the past decade, nothing has translated into a vehicle capable of driving itself from point A to point B. That doesn’t stop Tesla from fine-tuning its Autopilot technologies, and especially its offering.

A subscription and an intermediate option

In 2019, Tesla was changing his tune. No more unique offer with semi-automatic driving, it became standard as standard “Autopilot” (classic adaptive cruise control with active lane keeping), with a chargeable option for the “Fully autonomous driving capability”. The option is not given and has increased, currently priced at € 7,500 on Model 3 or Model S, up from 5,300 last year.

But Tesla is reportedly set to review its offer, according to a member of Reddit. Relayed by the Electrek site, the latter would have seen a new option in the brand’s application. In the options menu, a “Subscription” item would appear. This would be present in the novelties to come for a long time, and would now be imminent.

Capturing the Tesla App with the Subscription

This offer would appeal to customers wishing to rent the car, and not spend the 7,500 €. Normal, the driving option represents 15% of the price of the Standard Plus version. Or a used Renault ZOE!

At the same time, Tesla has an intermediary offer “Improved Autopilot” at half price in the United States, or $ 4,000 versus $ 8,000 for the full pack. It provides automatic lane change, automatic parking and the “Summon” function. However, it is reserved for current owners without equipment, and is therefore not available to new Tesla customers.


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