A pizza baker’s lie led to one of the toughest corona lockdowns

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One of the world’s toughest lockdowns was ordered in South Australia last Thursday. Reason: The suspicion of an extremely contagious version of the coronavirus. However, this assumption turned out to be the consequence of a bold lie, reports Bloomberg.

The state of South Australia has around 1.7 million inhabitants. During the first national lockdown at the beginning of the year, the transmission of Covid-19 was prevented there almost completely.

Suspected new extremely contagious virus version

However, a man should now have infected himself with the virus in the pizzeria while he said he had only briefly picked up a pizza to go. It was suspected that it might be a new, extremely contagious version of the coronavirus.

However, it turned out that the man’s statements were incorrect. Because the man himself was a pizza maker in said restaurant and had already worked several shifts there before the suspicion – while another employee was infected with the virus.

Bloomberg reports: The agency “believed that this person went to the pizzeria and contracted the virus in that short period of time,” said Grant Stevens, police chief. “We now know that he had previously had close contact with a person in whom Covid-19 was reliably detected. That completely changed the situation. “

Quarantine was ordered for contact persons – the lockdown was ended prematurely

However, the health authority makes it clear that the situation is still dangerous. Because the group of infected people, to which the pizza maker belongs, currently comprises 25, and it is conceivable that the number of those affected will continue to grow in the next few days – despite the quick reaction of the health authorities, which ordered all contact persons to be quarantined.

The original lockdown was ordered last Thursday for an initial six days as a precaution. The residents of the area were prohibited from all outdoor activities, even walking their own dog. However, due to the new findings, the lockdown was ended last Saturday – to the delight of the citizens of South Australia.



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