a premium price for an SUV that is not

Presented at the previous show in Los Angeles, the Toyota RAV4 plug-in hybrid reveals its price, which climbs without shame in the spheres of the premium segment.

Pioneer of the classic hybrid engine, not to say auto-rechargeable, the Japanese brand is now entering the world of plug-in hybrid SUVs with the eponymous Toyota RAV4.

For its mission, the Japanese SUV embeds the 2.5-liter petrol thermal block and a rear electric motor, which form the AWD-i all-wheel drive. The total power available then climbs to 306 hp and authorizes interesting performances, with a 0-100 km / h announced in 6.2 seconds. While the capacity of the battery located in the floor has not yet been specified, this rechargeable RAV4 hybrid promises an electric range of 65 km on a WLTP cycle.

61,500 euros to take advantage of 65 km of electric range

Passing under the radar of the tax administration with 29 g / km of CO2, the SUV is displayed at the price of 61,500 euros in the unique Collection finish. Which still represents a substantial extension of 13,000 euros compared to the equivalent initial version. The receipt is also similar to the 61,070 euros claimed by the Audi Q5 TFSI e in Intermediate Design finish or the 61,800 euros for a DS 7 Crossback e-Tense with a more attractive physique.

Offered at a price of 55,500 euros, the version of the RAV4 reserved for professionals should meet with more success. But then again, the competition could make you think twice before signing the check.


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