A quarter more Belgians went on holiday in their own country: Wallonia popular, the coast is over

Last summer, a quarter more Belgians went on holiday in their own country compared to the summer of 2019. This concerns a good 818,723 Belgians in 2020 compared to about 654,471 in 2019. Figures from the Belgian Association of Tour Operators (ABTO) and research institute GfK about which the Sudpresse newspapers write.

25 percent more Belgian tourists stayed in their own country for at least one night last summer. These figures take into account trips booked through travel agencies and trips booked individually.

(Belgium continues to attract tourists despite poor corona numbers.)

Wallonia popular, the coast is no more


More than a quarter of Belgian domestic tourists (26.3 percent) went on holiday in Wallonia. Relatively speaking, that is still less than last year, but in absolute figures it is an increase of 21 percent. In total, almost 38,000 went on holiday in Wallonia.

The Belgian coast was less popular than last year. At that time 52.9 percent of Belgians went to sea, compared to 41.8 percent last summer.

(ACV wants unemployment benefits and holiday pay for student workers, De Block does not take it.)

Other regions in Flanders


The ABTO also says even more that the Belgians have benefited this year to discover other regions in Flanders. Flemish regions such as Limburg and the Kempen were indicated as their favorite destination by no less than 11.7 percent of domestic travelers. In 2019, this was only the case for 10.8 percent of domestic travelers.

Hardly any vacation to big cities

As every year, hardly any Belgians stayed in Brussels, Ghent or Bruges. Barely 0.3 percent of Belgian domestic tourists went to these famous cities. Brussels, Ghent and Bruges have to rely on international visitors, the ABTO concludes.


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