A quarter of starters wait to live together and have children due to housing shortage

This is apparent from a survey by ING among more than 1,100 homeowners and first-time buyers. As is known, it is often difficult to find affordable housing. As a result, one in four first-time buyers say they postpone cohabitation. Having children is also postponed by 25 percent.

Transitioners, Dutch people who already own a home and want to buy something else, also postpone cohabitation (17 percent) and having children (20 percent), but to a lesser extent than first-time buyers.

Living independently later

Furthermore, both first-time buyers and transferees postpone the purchase of a larger house, for example with a garden, and the move to another place, outside the city or within it. This is also because it is difficult to find affordable housing.

In addition, 19 percent of first-time buyers start living on their own later than they would like. In this way they stay longer in a student flat or in the parental home.

long search

First-time buyers in particular are looking for a home for a long time. More than half think they need more than a year and 35 percent even more than a year and a half. For transferees, the latter percentage is ‘only’ 17 percent.

No less than 60 percent of first-time buyers are also concerned about whether they can afford to buy a home. Only 20 percent of them think it won’t be a problem.

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