a real alternative to the Tesla Model Y?

Planned for the end of the year, the Ford Mustang Mach-e is at the heart of a new Automobile Clean video review. The opportunity to compare it to another highly anticipated electric SUV on the market: the Tesla Model Y.

Very different styles

Presented as one of the main competitors of the Tesla Model Y, the Ford Mustang Mach-E is a little shorter than its rival: count 4.71 m in length against 4.78 m for the California SUV. The style of this first electric Mustang is however more sporty than that of the Model Y with lines directly borrowed from the Mustang family.

Ford Mach-E

Tesla Model Y


4.71 m

4.77 m


1.88 m

1.85 m


1.60 m

1.60 m

Inside, this Ford Mach-E looks less refined than the Tesla model. However, it retains a nice 15.5-inch touch screen. Placed in a vertical position, it is accompanied by digital instrumentation. Like all modern electric cars, the Mustang has its batteries inside the floor. A configuration that optimizes space on board.

Fairly accessible thanks to the tailgate, the trunk is limited to a capacity of 402 liters. As on Tesla models, it is complemented by a second cargo space located under the hood at the front.

Propulsion or all-wheel drive

In terms of engine, the Mach-E offers two configurations. The entry-level model receives a single engine at the rear. From 258 horsepower, this already allows the 0 to 100 to be brought down in less than 8 seconds. In all-wheel drive, the Mustang Mach-E is a little more efficient with a 0 to 100 announced in less than 7 seconds. For thrill seekers, the Mach-E GT will be able to complete the exercise in 3.5 seconds, better than the 3.7 seconds announced by the Performance version of the Model Y.

This electric Mustang can also count on piloted suspensions and has three driving modes: whisper, ungaged or unbrided.

On the Mach-E, two types of batteries are available: 75.7 or 98.8 kWh. While the first authorizes up to 450 km with a “full”, the second climbs to 600 km, almost 100 more than the 505 km announced by the Model Y in its version “Grande Autonomie”. On the charging side, the 11 kW on-board charger is supplemented by a DC Combo connector allowing up to 150 kW of power on a fast charging station.

Remote updates

Like the Tesla, this electric Mustang has advanced connectivity. The data is stored on a cloud and the car can benefit from regular updates to optimize its performance.

The phone acts as a hands-free key and allows you to recharge your charge remotely. It can be recharged thanks to an induction system inside the vehicle.

More affordable than Model Y

With the “small” battery, the Mach-E starts from 48,990 euros in its basic two-wheel drive version and from 56,500 € for all-wheel drive. If you opt for the large 99 kWh battery, you will have to add € 7,510 on the propulsion version and € 9,000 on the two-motor version.

In terms of price, the Mustang Mach-E is therefore more accessible than a Tesla Model Y. But beware, you will have to opt for the large battery if you want to obtain equivalent benefits and the same autonomy.

Ford Mustang Mach E AWD 99 kWh

Tesla Model Y Grande Autonomie

0 – 100 km / h

<7 seconds

5.1 seconds


180 km / h

217 km / h


540 km

505 km


€ 65,500

€ 63,300


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