A self-test in the pub garden? Ministry of Health denies

According to a broadcast in an interview with the private broadcaster, Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger oe24.TV said that self-tests will also be considered entry tests for the catering industry. Since the beginning of the week, five living room tests per month have been available free of charge in pharmacies – for everyone who has a photo on their eCard. The report of oe24.TV According to this, you can go to the pub garden with a negative self-test from March 27th.

It was agreed with the Ministry of Health that “it will provide the legal prerequisites so that a clean test with the living room tests will be possible in the catering trade,” says Köstinger. Small caveat: “But a second person will be needed to validate that the swab was taken.”

Büro Anschober: “That won’t come”

The matter is certainly not set in stone yet. According to the private broadcaster Pulse24 When asked, the Ministry of Health is astonished and denied Köstinger’s plan: “That will not happen,” they say. A nationwide solution is still a long way off.


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