a shock team to solve problems at the Gigafactory in Berlin

In order to pick up the pace at the Gigafactory in Berlin, Elon Muska himself recruited some employees, including those of the mysterious 25Guns team.

In its global development plan, Tesla has chosen Berlin to set up a new production tool, a brand new Gigafactory. Even if it is slowed down by the administrative aspects, the Tesla plant would emerge from the ground ahead of schedule. In contrast, recruiting more than 10,000 employees is not the easiest.

To support the recruitment teams in their mission, Elon Musk in person made the trip to go through the CVs and summon interested candidates. But he focused on a handful of very specific profiles, invited to apply via the email address [email protected].

A team of qualified engineers and a former Mercedes at the head of the factory

Faced with questions from observers, Muthu S, the infrastructure manager for the engineering, procurement and construction of the Gigafactory, revealed on Linkedin that 25Guns would be the name of a working group of 25 engineers to resolve the various problems that may be encountered at the Gigafactory in Berlin.

To be part of this super-team, Muthus S indicates that it was necessary to meet the three recruitment criteria: demonstrate exceptional and demonstrated talent in engineering, have an unconventional approach to problem solving and be dynamic to do amazing things.

This team will have to study the various issues during the construction and launch of the German Gigafactory and report their observations and solutions to Elon Musk but also to Mister Gigafactory, the project manager. To replace Evan Horetsky in this post, Elon Musk has hired René Reif, former manager of the Mercedes plant near Berlin. A new recruit who does not like the German industrial union IG Metall at all, worried about the future of German brands.


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