A single person caused a mass infection at the Hamburg school


Researchers and education authorities still arguing about school: are children just as contagious as adults? Can’t the face-to-face lessons take place after all? School closings and home schooling already posed challenges for both teachers and parents in the spring.

Now an investigation shows: schools actually pose a risk of the spread of the corona virus. At the Heinrich Hertz School in Hamburg, the largest outbreak to date occurred in a school in September. Almost 40 people became infected with the virus. Now it becomes clear: a single person triggered the mass infection, reports the “daily mirror”.

Information from the Hamburg labor, social and health authorities was published on the “Ask the State” platform. It confirms: “Infections / transmissions have taken place in the school.” The authorities previously said that the infected were infected outside of school.

The Heinrich-Pette-Institut (HPI) and the Unklinikum Eppendorf (UKE) investigated the outbreak at the Heinrich-Hertz-Schule in cooperation with the Hamburg-Nord health department. They were able to identify a large number of identical genome sequences. “Therefore, the vast majority of transmissions are most likely due to a single source of infection,” the letter said. It could “be ruled out with a probability bordering on certainty” that those affected were infected independently of one another.

Other Hamburg schools also affected

The HPI and the UKE will publish a publication “in due course”. Investigations from other schools should then also be dealt with. Because the Heinrich Hertz School is not the only school in which the coronavirus spread.

There was also a high level of infection at the Hamburg school on the Veddel in November. There, teachers and students were tested with a quick test. The result: 56 students and nine teachers were infected with Corona. There were already 29 known infections at the school, reports the Hamburger Abendblatt. In total, 94 people were infected at the school.

Schools in Germany are currently closed until January 10, 2021 due to the tough lockdown. At the beginning of January, the ministers of education want to discuss how to proceed afterwards.



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