a sports sector soon to be 100% electric?

Characteristic of the most radical thermal models at Volkswagen, the R badge will only be found on the brand’s clean sports cars.

Sports cars have always been the gondola heads of car manufacturers. Now, with electric mobility gaining ground, technological showcases are driven by a total or partial form of electrification. This partly explains the name of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, in reference to the brand’s icon. The development will now be similar on the Wolfsburg side.

Asked by our colleagues from Top Gear, Jürgen Stackmann, the sales manager of Volkswagen, indicated that the models from the R department will be electric: “The future of the R badge needs to be, and will be, electric. We are still working on what we started two years ago, but the work to come is and will be electrified. ”

The Touareg R e-Hybrid is the first to take this new trajectory

An R branch dissociated from Volkswagen?

If industrial inertia will still give birth to sports models with thermal engines, the next Volkswagen R will be electrified before being completely electric. And this transition has already started with the appearance of the Volkswagen Touareg R e-Hybrid, which took advantage of the sports badge to establish the exclusivity of its powerful engine, and vice versa. Nor should we forget the Volkswagen ID.R, thus marrying the electric and sporting worlds of the brand, in the form of a racing prototype capable of winning numerous records, previously held by gasoline pistards.

Just like Cupra, which has become a sporty and electrified branch of Seat, the R department could be dissociated from Volkswagen, which could also offer specific models.


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