a surprising limited edition for the rival of the Tesla Model S

After traditional beginnings, Xpeng let go and launched the P7 Wing Limited Edition. Watch out for the eyes …

Like all manufacturers, especially Chinese, Xpeng wants to put Tesla in the sights. And the Canton builder assumes it perfectly. It is not so much certain body lines or a few cutouts of the P7 that intrigue, as the architecture of the website completely modeled on that of Tesla. A site where you don’t have to speak Chinese to find your way around if you’ve been to Tesla’s before.

But Xpeng wants to go further than the competitor of Palo Alto, and for “Maximize the sporty and dynamic style” of its sedan, the Chinese firm has decided to launch the Wing Limited Edition version. Here, the P7 dazzles with two doors opening in elytron at the front and some cosmetic details like a new Green Super Flash livery. That is to say a configuration which could have offered it a place of choice on the cover of the late ADDX Magazine.

Almost 9,000 € more to do the show

This new special series is available with the two mechanical versions offered by Xpeng, all equipped with the 80.9 kWh capacity battery. The rear-wheel drive version has a 266 hp engine for 390 Nm of torque, while the two-engine full version offers 430 hp for 655 Nm. The first claims 670 km of autonomy while the second can climb to 562 km (on a NEDC cycle).

Performance is pretty decent (0-100 km / h in 4.3 s in the AWD version), but not as breathtaking as the spectacle of opening the doors in a supermarket parking lot. A show that comes at a price, however, since it calls for an extension of almost € 9,000.


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