A sustainable space miracle

26,000 square meters distributed over ten floors. And space for 2,500 employees. With flexible work areas, co-working offers and state-of-the-art event spaces. A workplace can be rented for an hour or rooms for 1,000 workplaces in the long term. In addition, it has its own kindergarten and restaurants. “This will make the airport even more attractive,” said airport board member Julian Jäger.

Günther Ofner, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Heinz Neumann, Julian Jäger (from left to right, photo: Flughafen Wien AG).

The office building uses a third less energy compared to other new office buildings. Thermal energy is used to cool and heat; 450 energy piles were erected in the ground and around 39 kilometers of geothermal lines were laid. There is also a photovoltaic system on the roof.

Office space in Office Park 4 (Photo: Flughafen Wien AG).

“Office Park 4 cost 62 million euros,” says Günther Ofner, board member of the airport. The demand is pleasingly high, the first tenants received the keys today. If Ofner has its way, the office complex should become an “innovation forge” with many young companies. This is also how Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner sees it, who wants a “landmark for future and innovation” with companies that stimulate each other.

Entrance portal to Office Park 4 (Photo: Flughafen Wien AG).

And what does the architect, Heinz Neumann, say? “Architecture is a reflection of our society. Office Park 4 is a flexibly usable and resource-saving building that best meets the requirements of new working environments.”


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