A third of Germans do not take holidays in the Corona crisis

Beach chairs on Rügen.

Beach chairs on Rügen.

John McDougall / AFP via Getty Images

Germany wants to reopen its borders from June 15th – and many EU countries hope for summer vacationers despite the corona pandemic.

However, an exclusive Civey survey for business insiders shows that almost half of Germans prevent the current planning uncertainty from booking a trip abroad.

A third of those surveyed also stated that they wanted to spend less money on vacation this year – and another third did not plan to vacation at all.

In the Corona crisis, some EU countries and the tourism industry give hope for the possibility of a summer vacation, but many Germans are reluctant to book a trip abroad in the pandemic. This is shown by a survey conducted by the polling institute Civey exclusively for business insiders.

Almost half of the respondents (48.8 percent) state that they currently lack the planning security to book a vacation. 28.6 percent say that worries about health risks most prevent them from booking a trip abroad. Only 12.4 percent point to the financial uncertainties.

Many Germans want to save on vacation – or do without it right away

They seem to play an important role in the Germans’ vacation planning. For example, 33.5 percent of the survey participants answered the question “Are you planning to spend more or less on your vacation this year?” With “less”. 30.5 percent even say they are not planning to go on vacation this year.

Almost as many respondents (29.9 percent) want to spend the same amount on their vacation this year as in the previous year. Only 6.1 percent state that they want to “spend more” or “clearly more” money.


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