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A third rejects corona measures and vaccinations, the survey shows

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According to a survey, there are clear reservations about the restriction of rights of freedom in the pandemic and against a corona vaccination. Exactly one third of the citizens in Germany rejects encroachments on the rights of freedom to fight pandemics “rather” or “completely”. And 34 percent do not want to be vaccinated, as the representative survey published on Wednesday on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation shows.

For the representative study, the Norstat Institute from Gütersloh interviewed 1,012 adults aged 18 and over online. The participants came from all over Germany, they gave their information in the last week of November 2020. They were asked to agree to certain statements, such as: “I will definitely not get vaccinated against Corona.” Or: “Any measure to combat the pandemic, which encroaches on civil liberties, is to be rejected in principle. “

Politics should emphasize the importance of freedom more

According to the Foundation, the negative attitude towards vaccination and restrictions on freedom among people who are particularly performance and success-oriented is above average. The corona crisis exacerbates value conflicts that were already smoldering, said Yasemin El-Menouar, co-author of the study “Between Individual Freedom and the Common Good”.

Around 45 percent of those surveyed were also convinced that the crisis could also have positive effects – with a view to climate protection and social interaction. And 82 percent agreed that the pandemic was demonstrating the need for profound change in society.

Politicians should make it clearer that individual freedoms and willingness to perform are still of crucial importance for society, says El-Menouar. And that restrictive measures are limited in time and pursued the goal of being able to “lead a free and self-determined life again as quickly as possible.”

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